Are you...

  • tired of watching adverts?
  • sick of dumbed down TV?
  • worried about what your kids are watching?
  • scared we’ll lose Radio NZ?
  • annoyed by shallow news coverage?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone. The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is a group of ordinary Kiwis who care about broadcasting in New Zealand. We come from all walks of life with one great idea – television, radio and news that's for the audience and not for the advertisers.

Our aims are:

  • establish an advert-free television channel like the BBC, the ABC or TVNZ 7
  • get Radio NZ funding back to healthy levels
  • create future-proof funding that won't cost taxpayers a cent

You can help!

Please become a CBB member today by clicking here.
Or donate now and aid our success in the current campaign.

Together we can bring better broadcasting to New Zealand


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