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5. Education

Educating New Zealanders is one of the most important reasons for public service broadcasting and kids.png

Children's education is greatly strengthened by video resources and websites that kids can use after school. We want our kids to learn subjects from a local perspective and international. Local television, radio, online and printed media are critical to the education of young New Zealanders, and we don't want them bombarded by advertising to get this. Public service media is the only way to ensure local, ad-free, educational television and websites for kids.

Education isn't just for kids.

The educational possibilities of public service media are applicable to all ages, in many different ways. Radio and TV channels could broadcast Open University courses in the afternoon and informative documentaries and magazine shows in the evening.

And of course the online possibilities are endless. We already have websites covering facets of our culture including music, film, art, Maoritanga - but they survive on shoestring budgets and have limited ability to grow.

NZ has a wealth of expertise in educational media producing great content for the rest of the world. Imagine if there was an online education strategy to make that content for Kiwis – apps and websites devoted to science, history, geography, technology, art, crafts, literature, sports etc. The opportunities are limited only by our imagination.

The CBB believes a far greater emphasis should be placed on broadcasting and media as an educational tool for all ages to advance knowledge, cultural identity and national unity.


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