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The Coalition for Better Broadcasting was born out of the Save RNZ campaign of 2010 and the Save TVNZ 7 campaign in 2012. Both of these small campaigns showed there was a huge groundswell of support among ordinary Kiwis for public service broadcasting.

The Save RNZ aimed to halt the mooted commercialisation of RNZ, NZ's last true public service broadcaster. This was largely done via a Facebook campaign that exploded onto the national consciousness and gathered critical mass very quickly. It culminated in a total of 30,000 Facebook 'likes', a rowdy march on Parliament and the government backing down on its plans.

Isave 7 logo.pngnspired by the Save RNZ campaign, a group of concerned Kiwis setup Save TVNZ 7 hoping to stop the closure of the small non-commercial digital TV channel. The Save TVNZ 7 campaign held many well-attended meetings around the country, two protest marches (Wellington and Auckland) and gathered over 36,000 online signatures for a petition presented to Parliament.

Ultimately Save TVNZ 7 failed to stop the closure of the channel. But many commentators and politicians were surprised at the level of anger expressed by thousands of Kiwis at the state of New Zealand's media.

In 2013, some of the people behind Save RNZ and Save TVNZ 7 joined together, along with media, legal and government-relations experts, to form the Coalition for Better Broadcasting Trust. The CBB aims to grow into a well-established and vocal supporter of public service broadcasting and media for many years to come.

With funding from members subscriptions and donations, we wi7-march-cbb-nz.jpgll run campaigns, hold events, lobby politicians and publicise the need for improved broadcasting and media in New Zealand. The aim is the long-term education, enrichment and entertainment of all New Zealanders (not just Household Shoppers aged 18-49).

To do that we need your help. Please consider becoming a Member of the CBB or simply add your details to become a registered supporter.

Go to the Become a Member page for more information.


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