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What Does the CBB Do?

The Coalition for Better Broadcasting aims to improve broadcasting and media in New Zealand.

Almost all other developed countries in the world have non-commercial television channels and radio stations, with all the benefits these bring – better public education, balanced and in-depth news, programmes serving all sectors of the public.

We have hardly anything like that. New Zealand is very poorly served by our broadcasting and media services. Sadly this has been the case for many years. It affects our nation’s democracy, political engagement, education (for kids and adults), integration of different races and cultures, overall cohesion and the happiness of New Zealanders.

Better public service broadcasting and media would help New Zealand get back to its humble, egalitarian, honest and fair-minded roots.


The CBB is busy raising awareness of the need for:

  • a public service television channel
  • more channels and services from Radio NZ
  • non-commercial media on the internet and other online forms.
We do this at government, national and local levels through media, events and networking.

Representing Audiences

audiences.jpgThe Coalition for Better Broadcasting aims to represent television viewers, radio listeners and media audiences of all kinds.

When it comes to government lobbying, the broadcasters are pretty powerful with SkyTV famously having a full-time lobbyist holding his own swipe card to Parliament. But what about the audience? Where is our voice?

Throng and other websites are a focal point for passionate television viewers, academics release reports, and individuals complain to broadcasters and the BSA – but we aim to connect these threads together into a public force for good. The CBB is a grassroots organisation connecting people, academics, broadcasters and policy-makers.

To help us represent audiences better, we will be asking the views of all Members in our online survey – coming soon.

It is easy to break a chopstick but they become unbreakable when we put all of them together – Chinese proverb

Kia ngātahi ai te tū, e pakari ai te tuarā (stand united, stand strong) - Maori proverb

United we stand, divided we fall – Aesop

Strategy for Effectiveness

What will the CBB actually do? Let's face it, there is so much to do, it's more a matter of where to start?

Immediate actions:

  • establish the CBB into an effective organisation with strong membership, a network of local committees and full-time staff
  • start campaigns to end RNZ funding freeze and establish public service television
  • increase website resources including Members' Survey to gather suggestions for CBB priorities and research audience preferences
  • encourage public discourse with meetings around the country including guest speakers
  • build networks with similar international and NZ organisations
  • lobby government, politicians, broadcasters and decision-makers on behalf of audiences

Medium term actions:

  • organise AGM and regular governance practices
  • employ staff
  • organise conference including international delegates linking with international organisations for public service broadcasting and media
  • research audience satisfaction, effects of different types of broadcasting and monitor international trends, with which to demonstrate the importance of public service broadcasting and media
  • sell merchandise to raise funds and promote the cause
  • build reputation with journalists to become 'go to' organisation on broadcasting and media issues

Long term actions:

  • become influential in broadcasting and media governance
  • send representatives to international conferences
  • have input and representation on national bodies
  • sponsor academic research on public service media and broadcasting
  • sponsor/provide scholarships for new media projects
  • continue to advocate, support and promote public service broadcasting and media in New Zealand


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