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Please sign our petition to Save RNZ funding.

RNZ may have to sell its Auckland studios due to lack of funding from our government.

Table Talk

It's Time to 'Activate the Reset Button'

The problem is the way we fund TV in this country. NZ on Air is failing to create a healthy market for ideas and programmes. It…

If We Want To Understand The World Around Us, We Might Be Better Off Without News And Current Affairs

The problem with fast thinking is that if information seems familiar we often make judgements that are simplistic and wrong.…

TVNZ Reveals Insane Deadlines For Māori and Pacific Island Programmes

The way TVNZ is outsourcing these programmes is quite simply irresponsible. It smacks of being a rushed decision taken by people…

Paora Maxwell, a liability

An even more disturbing action emerged last week when Hone claimed his invitation to appear on the live final of Native Affairs…

Does ‘No-Surprises’ Also Apply To TVNZ News?

Although the Minister of Broadcasting may not influence TVNZ editorially, as the sole shareholder he or she can make life pretty…

Marae Investigates No More

So why has TVNZ done this? They say it’s part of a move away from in-house production. But that’s an odd choice given that these…

A World Without Advertising

The principle is so simple. Allowing advertising of products and services reduces the quality of those products and services,…

Amy Adams: Minister of Broadcasting

We have a new Minister of Broadcasting, Amy Adams and the good news is that at last broadcasting is in the hands of a senior…

What Has Political Journalism Become?

Do journalists have an obsession with being on the inside, in the cool group which does away with old-fashioned journalistic…

The media wot won it!

While none of NZ’s media came out in favour of Cunliffe, plenty came out for Key.

Everyone Loves A Win-Win That Keeps Giving

68% of New Zealanders think political news on television focuses too much on politicians’ personalities and not enough on real…

Survey shows television without adverts could be a vote winner

Our survey finds more than a third of New Zealanders are so dissatisfied with existing coverage that they would be prepared to…

Quality of Journalism

Why on earth would we be thanking our journalists, our cherished fourth estate and seekers of truth, for showing traits that…

When Ethics Departs, Democracy Soon Follows

Apart from Judith Collins, the politicians seem to be almost out of the storm created by Nicky Hager’s book and the mysterious…

Mike Hosking and the Leader's Debate

A few weeks ago I blogged that Mike Hosking was a terrible choice as moderator for the TV One Party Leader’s Debate, because he…

Dirty Politics and Dirty Media

The Nicky Hager book is mind blowing on so many levels. The revelations of government ministers and their staff colluding with…

Yet more RadioNZ Changes

Paul Thompson is a man who can move mountains and in moving Radio NZ into another decade, he may have set off an avalanche.

Looking for the Lost Soul of TV

A Bouquet for National

The 2014 Budget released $24.4 million to merge the TVNZ Archives, the Radio NZ Sound Archives and the Film Archive. And so Nga…

CBB Broadcasting Policy Guide

CBB's handy guide to the broadcasting policies of the main political parties.

CBB Budget analysis and blog responses

The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is disappointed at the lack of recognition for Radio NZ in the 2014 Budget. In fact the…

CBB Calls for Transmission Status Quo to be Resumed

The CBB recommends at least one set of digital television frequencies be set aside for non-commercial television.

Nothing Left to the Imagination

Once the only spot of genuine satire on local telly, 7 Days has not only lost its edge, it's been cloned. Its production company…

Whose Spectrum Is It Anyway?

The radio waves that float around and through us all started out as a public space – like a vast expanse of unbroken earth.…

Charter Schools are Working, Why Not Charter Broadcasting?

we need a new Charter, this time one that works. So let's stop putty-foosing around and get in the experts. Hekia Parata is…

Traditional TV is Where the Kids Are

Calling all media pundits. Get ready for a surprise. 83% of all New Zealanders watch traditional television every day and only…

Mike Hosking for PM

Mike Hosking for PM? Yes indeed. Mike Hosking is for the PM. And now he’s able to do even more as moderator (or should that be…
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